Our Story

It all started around December 2018 when Arian had a crazy idea:

„I‘ve always had this dream of combining my two passions: worship and groove. But how should I do that?

Together with my wife Anna, I gave it a shot and started Funky Worship. It was not hard to fire up my friends and fellow workers about the project. Soon we embarked on our groove journey with a little performance at a charity concert. However, a project with this many people involved always has this one big problem: time. Lots of us have got families at home, support churches, work jobs and are on the road. It was obvious for us that time for rehearsals, studio days and gigs was going to be super slim. So instead of texting hundreds of messages to make appointments we just hit the studio in September 2019 and pushed the record button. On that weekend, the first 10 songs came together at the Ballroom studios. Only a couple of weeks later we gathered around a party table in a living room and celebrated the launch of our first cover on Youtube. This friday went down in history as the first #FunkyFriday.

We soon realized we needed more musical content to cover every coming friday. So we headed for the legendary Castle Studios which are a dream-come-true for every musician. Frank spontaneously jumped in for the pregnant Luisa and „The Voice of Germany“ winner, Samuel Rösch, even joined us for two songs. Three days later, another 14 songs were recorded. Mixing, cutting, posting,…week after week, over and over again.  A ton of work, lifeblood and money were invested and more and more people got to hear our Funky Worship covers. After another recording session in February, Corona hit Germany. This obviously turned out to be a tough time for all the musicians. But even this pandemic could not hold us back from producing music for God. A lot of concerts were cancelled but this very unusual situation inspired us to try out new ideas. “Look up child” was recorded at every single musician’s home individually, just as the motto #StayAtHome proposed. And you may feel excited for all the crazy ideas we still have in store.


We want our gifts and styles to spice up the christian music scene with a little groove. Where this journey is headed? We really don’t know. But we are always pointing our true north towards God and would love for you to be part of it!“